Created by Bob Thorsen, master contractor on elite residential projects, president of award-winning Thorsen Construction,
community supporter, father of five, and guy who helps his wife in the garden (i.e., former burro).

It was on a sunny Saturday as Bob worked shoulder-to-shoulder with wife, Sudie, lugging tools, sand, water, lemonade, hoses, and potting soil around their six-acre yard that an idea began to gel in Bob’s mind. The next time Sudie looked up, Bob was gone. Shuttered in his workshop

into the wee hours, Bob emerged proudly with the Little Burro prototype. Sudie was overjoyed as the first Little Burro was brought to life. Was it thoughtful innovation or divine intervention?
Only Bob knows. But the results are the same.


The value of a helpful tool in today’s
busy world cannot be overstated.

Minimal space, ultimate functionality,
and smart, simple utility.

Iron-tough, lightweight, easy to clean, and lastingly durable.
In other words – pro-quality.